Transgender Troops in the Military

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

― C.G. Jung

Who do you feel yourself to be?  How do you see yourself?  What is true for you?

According to USA Today the Department of Defense has begun the process of dismantling the ban on transgenders serving in the military. Issues concerning uniforms for transgender troops, medical services, morale and housing will be among the topics to be discussed.

Transgender ban in the military is addressed

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As important as it is to have these conversations, it still sounds like the transgendered person is the third sex.  I realize that the institutionalization of transgendered people translates to the normalization of transgendered people and to quote Martha Stewart, “that’s a good thing”. But I wish there was a way to address this issue without it sounding like we are dealing with a third sex.  There are already women in the military.  That means that people who are in male to female transition will assume to be female. As such she will be addressed in the feminine, issued the normal female kit and be sent on her way. Done!  Same for female to male transition only in reverse.

When you think about it the normalization of transgenders in the military will go a long way to eliminating the fear and ignorance that put the ban there in the first place. I’ll resist the urge to quote Martha again.

Another institution is in the news these days.  A penitentiary in Rio de Janeiro is rewriting the rule book on transgender inmates with special attention given to their protection and choosing the correct population for them to join.

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