Transgender Pelvis Preparation

Tape and Tuck

I’m no expert, that’s for sure, but there are enough videos on You Tube to demonstrate tucking so I’ll just include a link to the clearest explanation and let you experiment in the privacy of your own home. Go here.

Please refrain from using duct tape.  That stuff is dangerous for genital tucking.  There’s a much better alternative and that is Sports Tape.  This stuff is meant for skin so it won’t be too painful when you want to remove it. The other thing you’ll want to remove is hair.  Your razor will become your very best friend.


The Gaff

A gaff is a specially designed and constructed pair of underwear that is made from super strong elasticized fabric that holds everything in place.  The strength of the gaff is really important so don’t go cheap on this piece.  You still have to tuck your genitals up and out of the way before you put on your gaff.  A gaff is preferred because it allows you the freedom to urinate when you need to, unlike taping. Unfortunately, a gaff has limited uses.  For example, you’ll need to tape if you’re wearing a bathing suit. No one wears underwear under their bikini bottoms so your gaff won’t work with swimwear. With pretty well anything else though, the gaff is the ticket.

Some of the prettiest gaffs (and the strongest) are available right here.
Hide That Bulge with a Suddenly Fem Gaff

You are building a female body and the gaff is the cornerstone of the foundation. Being feminine means being round and firm, smooth and jiggly…..but all in the right places. Have fun with your new gaff.  Experiment, explore and take control of the essentials.

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