Trans Models

Almost every girl at some time dreams of becoming a fashion model.  Being bombarded by ads featuring beautiful women, there is never a shortage of inspiration.  Real life being what it is, puts most of us out of the running though and so we land on our feet, usually in sensible shoes and everyday clothes to make our livings in other ways.  Now and then a few trans women do beat the odds and turn up on runways and fashion mags strutting their stuff and looking absolutely heavenly. The following is my ever growing list of trans models showing up and turning heads in the world of fashion.

1:    Jenna Talackova

2:    Lea T

3:    Carmen Carrera

4:    Caroline “Tula” Cossey

5:    Geena Rocero

6:    Valentijn De Hingh

7:     Isis King

8:     Arisce Wanzer

9:     Andreja Jejic

10:   May Simon

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