Raffie Freedman-Gurspan Brings New Resources for Transgender Individuals

New Resources for Transgender Individuals

A rare opportunity has arisen in the civil service arena for transgender folk who aspire to a career in government. Ms Raffie Freedman-Gurspan Transgender White House Appointeehas accepted her appointment to the position of White House Outreach and Recruitment Director for Presidential Personnel.  This title sounds like she has her foot in the door and she’s keeping it open for any other transgender White House staff aspirants who want to apply. This could be a great opportunity for you or someone you know!

A Long and Winding Road

Long and winding roadBorn into poverty in Honduras, Martin was adopted and raised in Massachussetts by a Jewish single mother, Marion Freedman-Gurspan. Marion noted her son’s expression as gay when he was about 12. Martin attended junior college in Norway where he gave himself the opportunity to transition into her true gender. Upon graduation she returned to the United States as a woman named Raffi. Once back in the U.S. Raffi took a Liberal Arts degree at St Olaf’s College in Minnesota.  Her passion for LGBT activism was satisfied at the National Center for Transgender Equality in Washington DC. where she acted as Policy Adviser focused on immigration and employment equality for transgender individuals prior to her appointment to White House staff.

Raffi’s mom, Marion, contributed her story of Raffi’s transition to a book entitled Transitions of the Heart, available here. The chapter name, starting on page 7, is Discovering Raffi.

Raffi’s story is a story of the power of love. Born into poverty, given up by his biological parents, a latino immigrant boy child adopted and raised in the U.S.by a single mother. This could have been a recipe for disaster but for the love and acceptance afforded by Marion, the devoted single mother who believed in a successful future for her daughter, Raffi.

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2 thoughts on “Raffie Freedman-Gurspan Brings New Resources for Transgender Individuals

  1. This is such a refreshing article to read. I am here in the UK and i know that even though there is so many laws and policies so that no employer can discriminate against transgender people i have not seen any in my several jobs since being young. I hope this will soon be an issue that nobody has to deal with!

    • Hi Lee,

      Thanks so much for visiting my site and commenting on my post about Raffie Freedman-Gurspan. I agree, it is refreshing to know that the US administration is setting such a fine example for other employers to look beyond the surface when hiring staff. To deny anyone the opportunity to earn a living based on their sexual identity is backward. It is sad that we need to enforce equality through laws. I hope one day people will find it in their hearts to love each other regardless of their differences.

      In kindness,


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