Caitlyn Jenner’s Courage Awarded

I watched Caitlyn Jenner accept the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage on TV the other night.  More importantly I listened to her acceptance speech. My God I was impressed.  She was beautiful to behold.  She was glamorous old Hollywood.  She was articulate, caring, humble, and grateful. Her presence was HUGE.

The statistics she quoted were staggering. For example, transgendered people are sexually assaulted 66% more often than non-transgendered people.  Most of these survivors are living with post-traumatic stress disorders.  Transgendered people are beaten, murdered and commit suicide more often than non-transgendered people.

Caitlyn made me sit up and take notice.  She is here to make a difference.  She is here to make up for lost time. Her mission and purpose are crystal clear. Her message was one of acceptance; inclusive, margin-less acceptance of trans-gendered people in general and trans-gendered youth in particular.

Caitlyn Jenner accepting her award for courage

Caitlyn Jenner accepting her award for courage from the Arthur Ashe Foundation

In closing she said  “Trans people deserve something vital, they deserve your respect,” she said. “From that respect comes a more compassionate community.”


Wishing you a kindness-based life.



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4 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner’s Courage Awarded

  1. Good articles Stephanie. I do so detest discrimination of any kind and so the article, particularly about Caitlyn I found positive and strong.

    Undoubtedly people should try very hard to be kind to one another and attempt to understand, to walk in their shoes and care.

    KInd regards

    • Thanks so much Adrian, for visiting and leaving your comment. I so agree. Tolerance is not the goal, rather unconditional acceptance is the goal.
      We are all sisters and brothers. Judgement hurts us all, both the judge and the judged. Here’s to a kindness-based life.

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