Welcome to the TG Friendship Club

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and in celebration of that I wish to extend my warmest welcome to all transgender women everywhere to visit and enjoy this site.  It is being built for you. It’s my intention to provide you with a safe place to explore your feminine side, to express your feminine personality, and to truly celebrate being a woman.  I hope that you will connect with other ladies like you who, whether on a full time or part-time basis, choose to experience the world through their feminine perspective.

Whether you know it or not, transgendered people have been prominent on the world stage since the beginning of civilization. There is much history to support this fact and it’s my intention to bring some of these stories to the forefront. I will highlight many famous and infamous transgendered women whose lives made valuable impacts on society and added joyful color to an otherwise very drab world.

The laws relating to transgendered people are constantly being created, challenged, revised and repealed all over the world.  I’ll do my best to keep you abreast of the news that’s relevant to you as a transgendered woman.

We all have purpose and I appreciate the opportunity to be instrumental in helping to integrate the diversity of gender into a world that sorely needs to master the art of empathy.  Your contribution to the pool of feminine persuasion, feminine mystique and the love and nurturing that personifies femininity is encouraged here.  May we all benefit from the truth of who we really are.



5 thoughts on “Welcome to the TG Friendship Club

  1. Hi Stephanie. I stumbled across this site by accident but I am glad I did.
    I do solemnly believe that all people of all colours, creeds, sizes, orientation, sexes are equal and I really admire the time and effort you are putting into this project. You are really helping people that are less fortunate than yourself and that has to be admired and respected.
    Well done Stephanie, and I hope you have every success in the world helping others.

    • Hi Trinitie,
      Thanks for visiting Transgender Friendship Club website. You cannot post on this site but you can leave comments about the posts that you read.
      Grace and the TGF team

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